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Walmart Supercentre

  • Address: 102 Primeway Dr, Welland, ON L3B 0A1, Canada
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.8 (3130)
  • Phone: +1 905-735-3500
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    Thursday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    Friday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    Saturday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
    Sunday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

5 Replies to Shop Smartly at the 1 Best Walmart Stores in Welland – Pelham, Canada, for Great Deals

  1. Since we are forced to use self check out, that’s where I went. My cart was full, so I proceeded to the 20+ items side of self check out. Then, I get 2 cashiers watching my every move. Literally breathing down my neck. So much so, I asked Donna (the cashier) to take a step back. It was not a nice feeling. After I was done scanning, bagging and loading back into the cart and paid. Donna asked to see my receipt, and then proceeded to say she’s going to go through all my bags. To top it off, Donna called over a customer service representative. I now have three ladies going through each of my bags and reviewing the receipts. In the end, Donna found nothing that wasn’t scanned or not paid for. Took an extra 45 minutes to for all of that. Which was absolutely ridiculous and not necessary. The entire time Donna is making remarks like, thieves will not get past her. Excuse me, I wasn’t stealing and there was no proof. Donna made me feel horrible. Why was i used to make an example of, because i had a large cart of groceries??
    I will not go back to this walmart, Donna is rude, spiteful and clearly has issues with customer service.
    Then in the parking lot, as I loaded my groceries in the car. I had a car full of teenage girls come up to me and say thank you. I pardoned myself, as I had no idea what they were thanking me for. They said, because I occupied all the cashiers, they were able to get away with a bunch of make up and hair dye.
    Good call on stopping a mother, doing her weekly shop with her kids. I hope you feel good about yourself Donna, loss prevention thanks you!

  2. Here we are a year after my last post and Walmart still is struggling with its pricing a little. I bought 28 RC vehicles for the students in my class but had to order them online because the website said online only purchase. This was not an issue and I purchased 130 batteries to go with them. Then I realized that I needed some more just in case some students burned through their first set quickly. I had an issue with the price of the same AAA batteries in store though. On the store website they were priced at $15.28 for 26. This was with the “available at Welland store” turned on and it did not say online only. The price came up much more but Amanda Lee corrected the price for me. The store price should match the online store price, however!

    Posted a year ago.
    Virtually all the staff are very helpful and willing to go that extra mile for the customer. The prices are very competitive and the store is clean and well stocked. I can understand Walmart’s policy of not price matching with other stores but not honouring their own price baffles me. I picked up some frozen food that was priced at $1.97 each. When I got to the self serve check out it rang up at $2.47 each. I informed the staff that the price was different than displayed and they offered to take the items and remove it from the bill. I feel Walmart should honour the price on the floor and that is why I only gave 4 stars. I went and took a picture of the mispriced item which was clearly marked.

  3. Walmart in Welland . Employees are useless and ignorant.
    Recently had Salmonella poisoning from their great value sausages – to find out they were out back on the shelf after being thawed and I was the lucky one to purchase and the manager was nothing but rude when the issue was being addressed as if it’s my fault they can’t do their jobs correctly.
    Will never step foot in this place again after the way me and my children were treated by staff.
    Had a slip the same day I bought those sausage rounds and pulled my back out.
    From the back of the store to check outs entire lane was soaked in water and employee pointed out after watching me fall it’s not her problem and refused to give me her name and hide her name tag. Lack of compassion and respect.

  4. I dont appreciate being harassed at the check out (shout out to Wanda at the welland location). If your gonna make me check my own grocerys don’t come bug me while I’m doing it to make sure I did it right essentially accusing me of stealing some ground turkey and looking poor enough to do it. Not happy

  5. SCAM ALERT!!! DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PREPAID CREDIT CARD! The scam is that the card is activated at POS, they take your money, and then immediately deactivated at POS. Neither Walmart or Visa will be accountable. I have spent nearly 6 weeks of back and forth. Walmart laughed in my face when I presented the information provided by Visa. Visa claims the card was immediately deactivated at POS after purchase, therefor Walmart has to refund the card amount to which the manager literally laughed in my face. I have notified the police of the scam to which they will be investigating. I will not stop sharing and posting this until this is resolved. Shame on you Welland Walmart for laughing at me in a time of financial struggle when you could have called the POS terminal to verify my claim and initiated a fraud claim. This is only the beginning. You will never again see a single dime of my hard earned money and I vow to tell any and every single person who will listen to never shop at a Walmart again. Our relationship is over, Walmart.

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