The 5 Largest Pueblo Supermarkets Stores in Puerto Rico

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Pueblo Supermarkets, a leading grocery chain in Puerto Rico, operates over 30 hypermarkets and grocery stores across the island. Among these, several stand out as the largest and most comprehensive in terms of size and product offerings. Here are the five largest Pueblo Supermarkets stores in Puerto Rico:

  • Pueblo Dorado: Located in Dorado, this massive hypermarket spans over 100,000 square feet and boasts a wide range of departments, including a full-service grocery section, a bakery, a deli, a meat counter, a seafood counter, a pharmacy, a clothing department, a home goods department, and an electronics department. It also features several restaurants and cafes.
  • Pueblo San Juan: Situated in the heart of San Juan, this expansive supermarket measures over 80,000 square feet and offers an extensive selection of grocery items, fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses, bakery products, and non-food items. It also houses a pharmacy, a food court, and a variety of specialty shops.
  • Pueblo Bayamón: In the municipality of Bayamón, this modern hypermarket covers an area of over 75,000 square feet and features a comprehensive assortment of grocery products, as well as a pharmacy, a bakery, a deli, a meat counter, a seafood counter, a produce section, a home goods department, and a clothing department. It also boasts several fast food options and a spacious dining area.
  • Pueblo Caguas: Located in Caguas, this sprawling supermarket encompasses over 65,000 square feet and offers a diverse selection of grocery items, fresh produce, and non-food products. It also features a pharmacy, a bakery, a deli, a meat counter, a seafood counter, a produce section, and a variety of specialty shops. Customers can also enjoy dining options and a play area for children.
  • Pueblo Ponce: Situated in the southern city of Ponce, this large-scale supermarket spans over 60,000 square feet and features a vast selection of grocery items, as well as a pharmacy, a bakery, a deli, a meat counter, a seafood counter, a produce section, and a variety of non-food products. It also boasts a food court with several dining options.

Top Pueblo Supermarkets Alternatives in Puerto Rico

The Biggest Pueblo Supermarkets in Puerto Rico

While Pueblo Supermarkets is a popular choice in Puerto Rico, there are also other supermarket options that are widely recognized and frequently chosen by locals. Here are the top three alternatives:

  • SuperMax: SuperMax is one of the largest supermarket chains in Puerto Rico and offers a wide variety of products. They are known for their competitive prices, extensive selection of fresh produce, and well-stocked shelves. Many shoppers appreciate SuperMax’s loyalty program, which allows them to earn points and redeem them for discounts on future purchases. Additionally, SuperMax also has a great reputation for providing excellent customer service.

  • Selecto Supermarkets: Selecto Supermarkets are a popular choice for many Puerto Ricans due to their focus on quality products and specialization in providing gourmet and high-end groceries. This supermarket chain prides itself on offering a premium shopping experience, with well-organized aisles, attractive displays, and a wide selection of artisanal and imported products. Selecto Supermarkets are particularly loved by customers who appreciate gourmet cooking and are seeking unique and specialty items.

  • Econo: Econo is well-known for providing affordable grocery options to Puerto Rican shoppers. This supermarket chain focuses on offering budget-friendly prices while still maintaining a good variety of products. Econo is popular among families and bargain hunters who want to stretch their grocery budget and find deals. They offer a loyalty program called “Club Econo” that allows customers to accumulate points and redeem them for discounts or free products.

These three alternative supermarkets to Pueblo Supermarkets offer customers a range of options depending on their preferences and needs. Whether it’s the competitive prices of SuperMax, the gourmet selection of Selecto Supermarkets, or the budget-friendly options provided by Econo, shoppers in Puerto Rico have several great choices when it comes to their grocery shopping experience.

Explore some of the similar stores such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and Sam’s Club in Puerto Rico. By examining the presence of these outlets, we can gain insights into the dominance of these brands in the retail landscape of Pueblo Supermarkets, reflecting a dynamic business environment and diverse consumer choices.

The 3 Biggest Pueblo Supermarkets Locations in Puerto Rico

Supermercado Pueblo

Supermercado Pueblo
4.4 (3,575)
CXRH+2XJ, Av. los Gobernadores, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico
Supermercado Pueblo

Supermercado Pueblo
4.4 (1,448)
CR39+P82, Carr. Hato Tejas, Bayamón, 00959, Puerto Rico
Supermercado Pueblo

Supermercado Pueblo
4.5 (699)
Centro Comercial Altomar Guaynabo, 9VMM+J37 Carr 177 Ave. Lomas Verdes Esquina, Av. Ramírez de Arellano, Guaynabo, 00969, Puerto Rico

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  1. They had everything we needed including adult beverages, fruit, etc. They had household supplies and a variety of food. Everyone was following the local guidelines (masks) and the store has high ceilings and huge open spaces which felt very safe during the pandemic. They also had lots of interesting local food as well, (pictured).

  2. They are sooooo expensive here. And they can get away with it because of the high tourist traffic. The store is huge and has pretty much everything, including liquor, beer, fresh produce and hot food, but you won’t save ANY money here.

  3. Skip what you know (Walmart) and come here. Better prices, much better selection of food, drinks, and fresh produce, and better prices.

    Beer selection was surprisingly diverse as well! Let’s go!

  4. Conveniently located near the airport in Isla Verde. Great selection of merchandise at good prices.

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