The Ross Family: Meet the Owners of the Retail Giant

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Behind every successful business, there’s often a family with a vision. In the case of Ross Stores, Inc., one of the largest off-price retail chains in the United States, the Ross family played a pivotal role in its founding and growth.

This article delves into the history of the Ross family, their role in the founding of Ross Stores, the success of the retail giant, their philanthropic endeavors, and the current leadership of Ross Stores.

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History of the Ross Family

The history of Ross Stores is closely intertwined with the entrepreneurial journey of the Ross family, whose roots in the retail industry date back to the 1950s. It was during this era that Morris “Morrie” Ross, alongside his wife Bernice “Bennie” Ross, embarked on their initial foray into the world of retail. Their journey began with the establishment of a small grocery store, and this early enterprise reflects the family’s dedication to a fundamental principle: providing customers with high-quality products at prices that offered exceptional value.

The spirit of commitment to value and affordability, championed by Morrie and Bennie Ross in their early retail endeavors, served as the cornerstone for what would eventually evolve into Ross Stores. This commitment would go on to become a defining characteristic of the Ross family’s retail legacy. Over the years, Ross Stores has flourished, expanding its reach and reputation as a go-to destination for customers seeking quality goods at discounted prices. The journey of the Ross family in the world of retail is a testament to their enduring legacy, where their core values and principles continue to resonate within the operations and identity of Ross Stores, making it a prominent and trusted name in the retail landscape.

Founding of Ross Stores

In 1950, a pivotal moment in the retail world unfolded when Morrie and Bennie Ross, a visionary couple with a keen sense of entrepreneurial spirit, inaugurated their first retail establishment in Pacifica, California. This inaugural store primarily focused on groceries, and it was a modest beginning in the world of retail. However, the Ross family was far from content with the status quo. Their perceptive business acumen soon revealed a significant opportunity in the market, one that catered to budget-conscious shoppers seeking quality goods at prices that wouldn’t break the bank.

This astute realization served as a catalyst for a transformative venture. The Ross family, recognizing the latent potential in offering discounted brand-name clothing and footwear, embarked on a journey that would alter the retail landscape. This visionary move led to the inception of Ross Dress for Less, a pioneering concept in off-price retail. The establishment of Ross Dress for Less was not only a significant milestone for the Ross family but also a defining moment in the history of retail. It laid the foundation for the company’s mission to provide customers with brand-name products at discounted prices, making quality and affordability synonymous with the Ross Stores brand. As the company expanded and evolved, this enduring commitment to value and accessible quality became ingrained in its identity, solidifying Ross Dress for Less as a trusted and beloved destination for shoppers nationwide.

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Success of Ross Stores

Ross Stores quickly gained popularity for its “Dress for Less” concept, which aimed to provide customers with high-quality, in-season, and branded merchandise at significantly lower prices compared to department stores. This unique approach struck a chord with shoppers, leading to rapid expansion. By the 1980s, Ross Stores had become a regional chain, and it continued to grow, eventually expanding nationwide.

Philanthropic Endeavors of the Ross Family

The Ross family has been committed to giving back to their community. In 2004, the Ross family made a significant philanthropic move by establishing the Ross Stores Foundation. The foundation focuses on supporting programs that help disadvantaged children and families thrive. Their contributions have positively impacted various areas, from education to healthcare and beyond.

Current Leadership of Ross Stores

While Morrie and Bennie Ross were the trailblazers in the early days of Ross Stores, the leadership has transitioned through the years. Today, the company is under the guidance of Barbara Rentler, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a member of the Board of Directors. Her leadership has continued the company’s tradition of offering great deals to customers and expanding its reach.

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The Ross family’s journey from a small grocery store to a nationwide retail giant is a testament to their vision and dedication. Their commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices led to the creation of Ross Stores, which has since become a go-to destination for shoppers seeking quality merchandise at a discount.

The Ross family’s legacy lives on not only through their successful business but also through their philanthropic efforts, ensuring their impact extends beyond the world of retail.

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