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Boycotting Israeli products and companies endorsing Israel represents a peaceful global strategy to address the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Taking inspiration from the successful anti-apartheid boycott in South Africa, this movement aims to harness economic influence as a catalyst for change. By abstaining from Israeli goods, individuals can actively engage in the alleviation of Palestinian suffering.

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Understanding the Companies on the Boycott List

The Israeli product boycott campaign focuses on a range of sectors, including plastics, food and beverages, and fresh produce. These industries have been targeted due to their direct or indirect support of Israel. Let’s delve deeper into the connections between some of these companies and Israel.


  1. Keter: An influential Israeli company specializing in plastic consumer products, owned by the Sagol family. While not all Keter products are manufactured in Israel, the company operates 12 factories, including two in illegal settlements.
  2. Stanley Toolboxes: Manufactured in Israel by the Israeli plastics company ZAG, which is 90% owned by Stanley.
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Food & Beverages:

  1. Strauss: One of Israel’s largest food companies with a global presence. Of concern is its support for the Israeli army, particularly the Golani platoon.
  2. Danone: Holds a 20% stake in Israel’s Strauss Group and operates an R&D facility in Israel. It supplies Danone products to the Middle East and neighboring countries.
  3. Tivall: An Israeli food company specializing in meat-substitute products, with a global export footprint.
  4. Osem: Israel’s fourth-largest food and beverages company, the owner of brands like Sabra Salads, Beit Hashitah, Of Tov, and Habait.
  5. Nestlé: Holds a majority share (53.8%) of the Israeli food manufacturer Osem and has increased its investment in Israel over time.
  6. Coca-Cola: Supports events, awards, and organizations aligned with Israel’s interests and operates in the occupied territories.
  7. Eden Springs: Linked with the illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.
  8. SodaStream: Manufactures home carbonating devices in the illegal Israeli settlement of Mishor Edomim in the West Bank.
  9. Starbucks: CEO Howard Schultz is known for supporting Israel, and Starbucks has engaged in initiatives promoting Israel.
  10. McDonald’s: A corporate partner of the Jewish United Fund and Jewish Federation, with a strong connection to Israel.
  11. Israeli Fresh Produce: Targeting companies that operate in illegal settlements in the West Bank, such as Carmel Agrexco and Mehadrin Tnuport Export (MTEX).

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Additional Information

Some companies, formerly part of the Boycott Israel Campaign, have been excluded from the list due to divestment or operational changes. Notable names in this category include Disney, Sara Lee, Nokia, Arsenal FC, and Selfridges.

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The Israeli product checker card serves as an invaluable tool for informed consumer choices. Opting out of products from companies supporting Israel empowers individuals to contribute to initiatives addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This not only reflects concerns about their involvement but also aligns with a global movement committed to ending Palestinian suffering and fostering peace in the region.

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