Planning a Bridgeport CT, USA Trip? 5 Airbnb Deals You Can’t Miss!

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Exploring Bridgeport CT, USA doesn’t have to be pricey. Dive into our top 5 Airbnb picks that are both cozy and affordable.

The Highest-Rated Airbnb in Bridgeport CT, USA

Quality Suites

  • Address: 1500 South Ave, Stratford, CT 06615, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 3.7 (690)
  • Phone: +1 475-476-2583
  • Website: Link

What People Are Saying: 5 Customer Reviews

  1. I knew this place was going to be not great, but wtf….simply put, they charge average to high hotel room prices for a dump. Multiple rooms are just plain dirty. Toilets/bathrooms have not been cleaned in some time. Extremely
    out dated decor/amenities. Only Elevator was overheating, so the mechanical door was open and they were using a room drying fan to keep it cool. Not that I would’ve used it but the pool is also closed until further notice due to “maintenance”.
    Don’t waste your money, please.

  2. I stayed 4 nights at this hotel. The most impressive thing was the cleanliness. The group of ladies who keep it clean do a great job. Not only that, they always smile at you and they seem to enjoy working with each other. It seems they also take care of breakfast. After my first breakfast, it was so good that I really looked forward to it my next 3 mornings. The hotel isn’t new, but it’s clean, friendly and low priced. I’d stay there again.

  3. I had an awful experience at this hotel. It is 2 stars but it should really be 0 stars!

    When I arrived, the reception staff saw me and my handicapped son, but continued to look at their cell phones. I tried to attract their attention but they just brushed me off. When they finally finished looking at their social media accounts, they checked us in.

    I speak English with a slight accent, since it is not my first language. However I understand everything. When my son and I left the reception to go to our rooms we heard racial slurs against Hispanic people and were absolutely shocked! They are hypocrites since they also speak English with an accent (they are Indians).

    When we went to our rooms, there were breadcrumbs in the bedsheets and hair in the shower. It was absolutely disgusting.

    My advice for everyone: DONT GO HERE! IT’S NOT WORTH EVEN ONE PENNY!

  4. This hotel comes across as one that has gone through some superficial renovations to try to improve its appearance. And, I have to say I’m grateful for their efforts, given other Choice properties I’ve stayed at that seem to be in the middle of being milked dry by their owners.

    I found my room to be clean. There were cracks in the bathroom tile, but I didn’t mind them. Walls and ceiling were paper-thin with little sound abatement, but my neighbors were generally quiet, so no big deal. The big issue with the room was the mattress. The mattress was quite sunken in and the hotel has tried to cover it up with a thick mattress pad to no avail. Again, note that I said superficial renovations; I took the mattress also as a sign of their maintenance philosophy.

    Front desk seemed overworked. One woman was manning the counter. Calls were coming in and a line to check-in formed. A manager came out of a back office to tell her that people were on hold for too long on the phones. Made me wonder what he was doing back there besides counting money like Mr. Krabs.

    Having read other reviews, I sucked in my breath when they asked for a security deposit, but all went well. Just like at a bunch of other hotels I’ve stayed at, they charged the deposit to my card and then removed it when I checked out. No issue there.

    So, clean, attempts to fix up the place and good staff. Breakfast was also decent and as expected from this type of property. Cons were the paper-thin walls and the mattress.

    I’d stay here again, since the price was right given the state of the market now.

  5. Rooms and overall external property very clean and well cared for. Lobby bright and welcoming, our room and hallway appeared to have new carpeting. Really appreciated having bedding already in the room for the sofa bed since we did use it. Property tucked back in a secluded area within residential area right off highway. Easy to get to. Staff very polite and friendly, acknowledged my platinum status and offered a Thank You for it at check-in. Breakfast very good and clean.

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10 Essential Tips for a Memorable Airbnb Experience

Here are some simple tips for staying in an Airbnb:

Airbnb (2) in Bridgeport CT, USA
Airbnb (2) in Bridgeport CT, USA
  1. Read Reviews: Always check past guest reviews for insights.
  2. Communicate with Host: Discuss check-in/out times, and ask any questions beforehand.
  3. Follow House Rules: Respect the host’s guidelines listed on the property page.
  4. Stay Safe: Ensure the property has basic safety amenities like smoke detectors and first-aid kits.
  5. Check Amenities: Confirm available amenities such as Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities, and parking.
  6. Lock Up: Always lock doors and windows when leaving the property.
  7. Be Clean: Clean up after yourself, especially in common areas.
  8. Local Tips: Ask the host for local recommendations on food, attractions, and transport.
  9. Report Issues: If there’s a problem, inform the host first before seeking Airbnb’s intervention.
  10. Leave a Review: Share your experience to help future guests.

Remember, staying in an Airbnb is often about immersing yourself in a more local and personal experience compared to traditional accommodations. Treat the property with respect as you would your own home.

Top 5 Airbnb in Bridgeport CT, USA

Silvermine Hideaway

  • Address: 2 Green Hill Rd, Norwalk, CT 06850, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (1)
  • Phone: +1 917-670-7755
  • Website: Link
  • Reviews:
    In Store Experience✭✭✭✭✭
    a year ago
    Beautiful place. Filled with light and comfortable spaces. Can’t wait to go back.


  • Address: 383 John St, Bridgeport, CT 06604, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 1.8 (5)
  • Website: Link
  • Reviews:
    5 years ago
    WARNING! You get what you pay for. This airline needs to get it together. To begin with only shut eye available. Keep in mind small children board the flight as well. Unfortunately, we sat behind a 2-year old that cried and complained the whole night, no sleep for us. Parents did not know how to comfort the the the child, so it was a nightmare sitting so close to them. Second, our flight was delayed by 2 hours. Instead of leaving at 10:20 pm, we departed at 12:30pm. Not to mention, a friend of mines flight was completely canceled due to overbooking. There is no tv, reclining seats or much leg room. You have to pay for food and snacks, the only thing you get for free is tap water. Carry-ons will cost you a minimum of $38. The only thing you can bring on the plain is a purse or small laptop bag at no cost to you and it must fit under the seat. If you pay for your luggage at the airport the price is so much more, so make sure you pay for your luggage a couple of days before your flight online.
    Vincent Pluchino
    a year ago
    Optimum Hotspot provided faster download/upload speeds than my $40 service from frontier. Will be canceling as soon as I rack up a bill.
    Alexis Tennyson
    5 years ago
    Been here since 8 flight was at 10 here at 12 they cancel the flight with little to no other optioning Airbnb paid n fuel can’t get no money back for that also nothing to eat but vending machines that’s 3$ for water good luck worst place ever
    Pdro Rvra
    4 years ago
    Frontier bills you without service. They are some rascals. They speak nice. I disconnected it on the 11th, my cycle of the month is the 1st. In other words, they have to charge me for the month of the cycle for 11 days of service and they are billing me in full, what a scam 😎
    Wilberto Sierra✭✭✭
    5 years ago


  • Address: 30 Kenilworth St, Waterbury, CT 06710, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating:

Seaside Park Rooms

  • Address: 708 Atlantic St, Bridgeport, CT 06604, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating:

In conclusion, finding the perfect Airbnb in Bridgeport CT, USA has never been easier. With our curated list of top-rated options, you can now confidently choose a living space that suits your needs and preferences.

Your dream room awaits in Bridgeport CT, USA, ready to welcome you with open doors. Happy house hunting!

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